Photos of Lehigh University, Spring '99

Pictures of Lehigh Unviersity back when I was a fros-- err, senior. Enjoy the "retro" look of the landscape as it appeared at the end of the 20th century, as there are huge campus renovations happening as I write this in 2005!

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The University Center Tower

Looking Towards Packard Lab

The front of Packard Lab, the EE and ME building.

The Zoellner Arts Center

Sculpture outside of Zoellner. The flames represent each of the five mythical muses.

Looking up Taylor Street. Taylor Gym is on the left. This is a really steep hill!

Packer Chapel

Packer Chapel Tower

Packer Chapel

A view of the back of the Chapel

The right side of the transcept of the Chapel

The facade pipes of the Organ (by Austin Organs)

The new console for the Organ