Now, this was very funny. Devo and Frisbee love chasing the tennis ball, including indoors. We were tossing the tennis ball around inside, and it landed right in front of Frank the Cat. (Frank the Cat is actually another of my college roomates...)

Now, the pecking order at Owen's house goes: Frank > Devo > Frisbee > Owen. Basically, the dogs have learned not to mess with the cat; you could say they have a healty respect for him.

So when the ball accidentally ended up landing right at Frank's paws... hilarity ensued! Devo and Frisbee desparately wanted that ball back... but no way were they going to get that close to Frank's claws to do it. Check out the videos to see the result: two very frustrated whippets!

Frank is unfazed by all the barking, as he's deaf. (White haired, blue-eyed male cats are all deaf.)