What is it?

SquareGame is a whack-a-mole type game, using an Arduino, an Adafruit Trellis I2C keypad, and other various bits of hardware.

I'd been curious for a while about experimenting with the Arduino, but couldn't find the time to mess around with it, until recently. Wish I had't waited so long, it's really fun. Downright easy for someone with an Engineering background like mine to put together some interesting things. Anyway, the Trellis keypad inspired me to make something interactive, and this whack-a-mole game is the outcome.

Current Status:

The game works!

I soldered up the Trellis with all white LEDs and some wires:

Trellis all soldered up

I printed out a pattern which lays out where to mark and drill holes on the project box, and glued it to the project box with glue stick:

Button hole pattern

Then I marked the holes:

Marking Holes

Drilled the holes:

Drilling Holes

...and cut out the square holes for the buttons using a Dremel rotary tool and a utility knife:

Cutting the squares for the trellis buttons

Buttons in place:

Buttons in Place

Underside. Little scraps of wood to brace the Trellis's PCB so that pushing the buttons hard doesn't break it out:

Project Box Underside

The game starts with a "get ready get set go" display and musical notes. Game play currently ends with either 11 successful "hits" or 11 misses, whichever comes first. (If the player does nothing, it will go on forever; this needs to be changed.) Sounds that correspond to a hit or miss. If the player wins, happy music plays; if the player loses, sad music. And back around to the beginning again.

There are two modes, Hard, which even I sometimes don't win at, and Easy, which is just difficult enough to be a minor (but not overly frustrating) challenge to a 6 year old. I did some usability testing:

Usability Testing

As you can see, in the photo above, it wasn't yet in the project box, and was using an Arduino Uno for development/prototyping purposes.

All soldered up

Eventually I got it all soldered up with the Arduino Pro Trinket.

Preparing to drill the speaker holes

About to drill the holes for the speaker on the bottom cover.

Drilling speaker holes

Drilling the holes for the speaker on the bottom cover.

Completed game.

All assembled

Completed game and ON.

All assembled, and ON!


How it Works, etc.:

SquareGame source code is found on my GitHub.

SquareGame relies on my Arduino libraries MelodyPlayer and Sparkle, both also on GitHub.

Selected hardware:


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