Northeast PA, April 26-27, 2002

Bill's Type R

Owen in his MR2

Bill, Owen, and Elisa at the Tudor Cafe in Kingston

Bill and Owen at the Tudor Cafe in Kingston

Wilkes-Barre carnival

Strangest looking ducks I've ever seen...

Bill out in front of the Music Box playhouse

Elisa, also in front of the playhouse

Strange girl's apartment door

The beautiful rolling Pennsylvania countryside... complete with roadkill

Side of a small cliff on the road to the Francis Walter Dam

Water below that cliff

A water fall alongside the road down to the dam

The dam was full. You can see the road continue on the far side of the water

Still full!

Owen and I

Owen and Elisa

Here's for Elisa's desktop background...

That cliff again

Don't we look so adventurous?

I want to go down the falls. Owen wants to go the safe way. Wuss. ;)

Elisa gets all artistic with the camera

Ditto. Pretty cool.

Look, Elisa is an "active young person" too!

Owen getting a haircut.

Big logging machine up a ways from the dam

All that activity wore Elisa out! (she's laying on Owen's truck)

Elisa and Ethan at Zoellner in front of some of Lehigh's lovely sculpture

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